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Eat with Locals to Save Resources

Travel and Natural Resources

Every year, millions and millions of tourists travel throughout the world to beautiful and interesting destinations. Most of them take the plane, which is not a very environment-friendly transportation mean, although airplanes have been dramatically improved in the recent years. Modern airplanes such as the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A380 use advanced materials and technologies to deliver great gains in environmental performance.


When tourists arrive at their destination, they usually stay in a hotel and eat at restaurants. When you take a closer look, restaurants, although super convenient, can be a source of waste. Many people order more than they can eat and send half their plate back. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A lot of waste happens in restaurant kitchens because of excess inventory, expired foods or simple human errors. Luckily, many restaurant managers are aware of this problem and have implemented food waste reduction programs. But there has to be a better way to avoid waste and save precious food resources.


Eat with Locals

Every country has its own culinary traditions as well as its own take on food. Sometimes - too often, actually - when people think about how they eat in this or that country, what they look at is the recipes of the dishes. What ingredients they use, how they combine them, and how they serve them on the table. And that's it. This is a huge misunderstanding, and it falls short on all that there is to appreciate about eating habits in any culture.

Let’s take France for example. France is a place where food is really important, not simply because you eat stuff, but because it is seen almost as a social and personal ritual. People in countries like ours often tend to forget all that can happen around food, and just see it as something you have to eat a couple times a day so you don't die; it may even come up as a bother, because we have to stop what we're doing so we can eat, and we do it quickly, on quite uncomfortable places and/or with our mind on something else.

The French people take their time to cook, savor and share their meals. They sit around the table, talk, taste and experience the food. French dinners can last for three hours, because their conception of what a meal means is very distant from our own. If you want to know what French food is all about, as in, you really want to know, you will need French people to take you into their world. That’s where the idea of eating with locals comes in, because there is no better way to experience local food and culture than being immersed into it.

Repas chez l’Habitant

Meals in France are an event on their own, and you never get more French than with real French people. You need to walk away from all staged "experiences" people at hotels or touristic restaurants put up for their guests. There is nothing artificial about real French food; you need to find it where it is, on the table of French locals.

Good news is that you can have meals in France with local people, who will cook for you - perhaps even show you their recipes - and make you a place at their table so you can have an actual dinner in a French home. This is definitely something you will never forget, a true dive into the French culture. If you want to eat with locals, or as the French call it, manger chez habitant, then there is one place where you can go. Before you go to France, of course.

Guest in the City is a great website that puts tourists from all over the world in contact with non-professional French hosts in all areas of France. With Guest in the City, you can book meals, and even accommodation, in real French homes and live the real thing. What's also great about this website is that you can read reviews on the hosts, check availability, and even book online and pay with your credit card. It doesn't get simpler than that, and you can organize very easily a fantastic experience in deep contact with real French culture and cuisine. 

Guest in the City also allows you to book accommodation with your hosts in a real French house, which is a much more genuine touristic experience than booking at an average hotel.

If you have a chance to visit France, you should definitely do it, at least once in your life. You should choose your activities and trips carefully, too. There are just so many things to do, so many places to see, that you will have to be very selective on what you will do and what you'll just skip. You should get informed in advance and choose wisely. Check this link for more information about all the great activities that you can try in Paris and other places in France.

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