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Because Good Environmental Policies imply a bright future for generations to come!


In today’s world, where rapid industrialization and urbanization are the buzzword of the day, we are surrounded by a large number of environmental problems. In our quest for achieving greater commercial development and prosperity for mankind, we have caused massive damage to Mother Nature, which in turn has raised the question of our very existence today.

"Batsford Arboretum is an “Organization with a Difference” in the quest for a better future. We believe that if each one of us can make our bare minimum individual contributions towards the environment, the world will be a much better and cleaner place to live in. Here are some of the Environmental Protection Campaigns that we have planned for this year, and we invite volunteers, irrespective of your age, gender, nationality or protection to come and join us!"


Say No to Plastics

Plastics are non biodegradable products and are extremely harmful to the environment. It takes thousands of years for them to decompose, cause the release of toxic chemicals into land and water leading to land as well as water pollution and cause great harm to marine life and soil fertility. So come forward and join us in our movement to say no to Plastics today. 

Promoting Car-Pooling and Public Transport

Streets are jam packed with vehicles today, and the harmful effluents emitted from them that include carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide are taking a toll on the quality of air nowadays. The rising levels of air pollution in most cities are leading to numerous respiratory disorders. With these facts in mind, Batsford Arboretum is launching a full-fledged campaign for promoting the use of Car-Pooling and use of Public Transport in order to minimize the levels of Air Pollution, limit the consumption of fuel and reduce incidents of smog and acid rain. 

Rainwater Harvesting

Water is definitely a renewable resource, and most of us tend to take water for granted. But did you know that out of the total water available on earth, 97 percent of the water is saline water which is not potable, and the balance 3 percent comprises of about 2 percent of ice in glaciers and snow-clad peaks. The remaining 1 percent is the potable freshwater that is available for our daily utilization and consumption. Hence, every drop of water is precious, and our campaign is oriented towards the promotion of Rainwater Harvesting to conserve and make the best use of this precious natural resource. 

 Reuse and Recycle

Whether it is newspaper, glass bottles, metal cans or dry leaves, there is no end to the concept of reusing and recycling of resources. The more we save today, the more there will be available for years to come for our grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on! So go ahead, think creatively and tell us your unique ideas on reusing and recycling things that we come across everyday. The top 5 best ideas of recycling will receive a special “green-gift hamper” from us.




Environmental Protection is a responsibility that needs to be
shouldered right now and right here!

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